Ready for marriage dating

Discover How to Date the Man who will Make You Happy in Love and PROPOSE MARRIAGE to Become Your Adoring Husband – In Six Simple Steps… Even if you’ve failed before!

Do you know the Six Dating Transitions and why not knowing them could cost you the man of your dreams?

These six Dating Transitions are so compelling they’re like magnets drawing him in closer and closer until he wants You and Only You so much that he commits, proposes, and walks you down the aisle.

You want to be happily married — after all, that’s what most women really want. Dating for marriage today, however, often fails to fulfill that promise leaving many feeling used, abused, deceived, disgusted, even angry, leading to depression and hopelessness. Therefore, it’s vital to discover how to date to marry!

I can help you better your odds of getting married if you agree to listen, learn and put into action key relationship dating skills. Each woman is a prize in her own right and deserves to be loved in return. But it’s not easy because often we give too much too soon. Care too much before it’s time.

So let me share with you step-by-step the knowledge you need to successfully direct your man to the altar. Let’s examine “THE SIX DATING TRANSITIONS”. And Why They Are Critically Important To Help You Go From JUST DATING To JUST ENGAGED To JUST MARRIED In Record Time.

Successful dating leading to marriage revolve around “The Dating Principles” that drive his interest in you toward marriage. You learn how to date with purpose, direction and a six-step action plan to the altar.

LEARN “The Dating Principles” and you’ll know how relationships work best.
APPLY “The Dating Principles” and watch your relationship blossom into long-lasting friendship, enduring love, and happy marriage.

“The Dating Principles” are divided into three sections from Selection thru Dating into Marriage:

  • The Selection Process – Identify the Man Ready for Marriage
  • Six Dating Transitions – Initiate Your Action Plan to Marriage
  • Marital Harmonics – Apply Agape Love Principles keep love alive

Let’s begin with the art of successful dating.

The Secret? – “The Art of Cat and Mouse Pursuit”

Learn how to engage his mind to pursue, and his heart will follow… And that’s the SECRET to finding a husband – let him “catch you” because… “YOU are the Prize”

  • Never again get dumped after giving all your love
  • Never again spend time with a commitment phobic
  • Never again suffer wrenching heartbreak over lost love

Learn how to identify the man “Ready for Marriage.” Date with purpose and direction. Create the opportunity to be chased and he will love you all the way to your wedding day.

Donna Patterson

Dear Friend, It’s critical to jumpstart a potential relationship off on the right foot from the first date – because you could meet the right guy yet sabotage your budding romance, and not even understand why or how. How do I know? It happened to me and it hurt like hell.

You see, I’ve experienced the hassles and frustrations of searching for Mr. Wonderful. I’ve cried over rejections. Battled depression. Endured divorce. Struggled with feelings of worthlessness. And never wanting to hurt so much again, I started searching for answers to how and why love develops and grows.

This knowledge is encapsulated in The Six Dating Transitions to relationship love listed below:

This information is presented in the “Ready for Marriage Dating” Workbook as the love story of a woman seeking love and marriage. You’ll watch her date unwisely, sleeping around, falling in and out of love enduring the pain of love gone awry. Finally watch her turn unwise decisions into love when she meets her Soul-Mate and applies “The Dating Principles.” As she learns, you learn also as you apply key principles to your own relationship.

  1. Get to know one another in a positive way. Make sure your conversation is all positive. Make him feel happy to be around you. If he’s interested he will let you know. If you’re interested you will accept his attention.
  2. Time of testing. Men have a difficult time being exclusive. After several dates he may pull away trying to decide if you’re the one he can make happy. Resist the urge to do anything that resembles chasing him during this period. If he doesn’t call, this means (at least at this time) that he decided not to pursue further and you have to move on.
  3. Going steady. You each decide not to see anyone else and open up a little to see if you each can get what you need from the other. It’s time to investigate what the two of you are made of, again in a positive sense. Each partner must experience the best the other has to offer. At this point you are creating a history of dates where he has succeeded and you feel supported. Be your best self and bring out your partner’s best.
  4. It’s time to cultivate verbal intimacy. To communicate on the deepest level. This communication probes to assess compatibility on how to handle differences, manage disagreements, It scrutinises likes, dislikes, habits, thinking on politics, religion, health, future parenting, financial matters, career expectation, housework, conflict resolution, anger, jealousy, insecurities, neediness and so forth. At this point–usually couples have established genuine love and may choose to engage in physical sex. Any earlier could sink a budding romance. (The “whys” are discussed in the “Ready for Marriage” Workbook.)
  5. Commitment. There is only one time to think about it – BEFORE you make it. With your heart and mind you pledge unconditional love. To be there for each other in good and bad times. To weather all storms together. To be loyal and faithful. To honor and respect. To love each other for a lifetime. If you’re not ready to make that kind of vow–you’re not ready for marriage.
  6. Engagement. At this point it is time to practice the two most important skills of staying married: the ability to apologize and to forgive. The perfect time to practice giving apologies and finding forgiveness is during engagement.

Another benefit of the engagement period is to let passionate love “settle” into ordinary every day love with your best friend and lover in a far deeper kind of love that will stand the test of time.

Now your purpose-directed dating has led to your wedding day.

But Wait! How do you pull all this off? How do you move through these transitions in REAL life?

Truth is there are a lot of guys out there ready to love you on their terms – which most often — does NOT include commitment and marriage. They’ll love you up then spit you out when they’re done. So how does a girl date for marriage… to win the ring?

You get smart. Learn skills that challenge him to want you … And only you … so much so that he will commit. You set yourself as the “PRIZE” – and he will seek to catch you and become your prince charming…

Carried out correctly, You Can Have It All – Your own loving husband and family… Let me explain…

 know this sounds a bit fairy-tale-like considering today’s trade-in partners, commitment phobic world. But that’s because people have gotten away from the basics of how love and romance develop. You see, there’s order, and a process from Selection through Dating into Marriage that is comprised of the Six Dating Transitions coupled with Agape love Principles that work hand-in-hand.

Huh?! You’ve got to be kidding! Settle down. I know that might sound a bit complex – believe me, it’s NOT… After all you DO want ANSWERS don’t you?

(I’ve gotta get a little bookish here, so bear with me). Let me explain what Agape love is. Once you wrap your arms around this concept you’ll understand why it’s the most crucial love of all. Agape love is love guided by “principles” of what is right and in the best interest of the relationship and it always looks to the good of loved ones foremost. It’s potent and positive in strengthening genuine affection and unity. Agape love is based on sound, balanced “principles” that NEVER fail.

Now here’s the kicker – Combine “Principled” love (agape) with “Romantic love” (eros) – and we’re talking the most gratifying love two people can experience together. It’s the love poets write about – the romance dreamers dream about. It’s a synergy that forges an unbreakable bond that grows stronger by the day and sweeter by the hour. Talk about a winning combination! And guess what… you can experience it, I can experience it; anyone can experience it.

Problem is – people have gotten away from this process (or never learned it) – to ‘doing their own thing’ – resulting in skyrocketing relationship disasters…

Because most don’t know what
the ‘heck’ to do!

I know I didn’t. Love to me was like one big PUZZLE.

Nope, most women haven’t a clue.

They’re just out there, willy-nilly getting involved with this man or that man. Their fingers crossed hoping something will work. If this one doesn’t work, jump into another one. If that one doesn’t work …well, you know the story.

Problem is, with that jumping-jack approach, you end up with your heart drowning in the toilet and depression creeping into your bed. How do you spell M-I-S-E-R-Y?
There’s a better way.

Alberta, Las Vegas

Thank You Donna! I’ve had my share of up and down relationships until I learned the Six Dating Transitions. It caused me to change my entire approach to dating. I now am much more confident and in charge of my own destiny. I’ve met a new man and am following the transitions to build toward marriage. So far everything is going in the right direction. It’s amazing what happens now that I know what I’m doing and how to do it. Thanks so much!

To get the ball rolling, “Ready for Marriage Dating” answers the single most confusing question regarding dating:

What Role Do Men & Women Play During Dating?

  • Men want to be acknowledged and appreciated as the pursuer.
  • Women want to be loved and adored as the receiver of his attention.
  • The purpose of dating is to introduce two people to each other to determine whether there is enough interest and chemistry to pursue a relationship.

With this in mind, get started NOW to date with purpose, direction and a six-step plan to take you to the altar.

Trust me, your true love is out there waiting for you – but you gotta work for him. By work I mean KNOW what you’re doing. You gotta study, train and execute if you want to have it all. You must understand the love game to decode the puzzle. And you must plan, perform and complete winning strategies with confidence.

Whew! Does all this talk about decoding puzzles, strategies, study, action plans, and courage sound too intimidating? Too technical? Too much like work?

Too U-N-R-O-M-A-N-T-I-C?

At first glance, maybe.

That’s because by nature we women love to love. Y’know, we’re just out there – ready to love. Hearts wide open – ready to give without reservation, emotions in high gear, ever – trusting. We don’t want to hear about this “game -playing, unraveling puzzles” stuff!

Until . . . you get screwed    
And he dumps you!

Now then, would you want to be educated? Would you want to know what happened, how it happened, why it happened? As you’re wiping teary swollen eyes, would you want to know if it could be fixed – if you could get him back?

Stay tuned because I’m going to show you how to virtually eliminate relationship dumps and reduce the heartache that goes along with it.

I Discovered Hidden Explanations Defining Love

I discovered basic principles that astounded me – hidden in several sources. These precious gems explained EVERYTHING. At last I understood what works, what does not work and why. Wow! I was thrilled.

Only problem was I extracted the information piecemeal – a little here, a little there. I couldn’t find it compiled in any one source anywhere – NOWHERE.

So I set out to incorporate this knowledge into ONE resource. And I chose to present it as an educational training course in fiction format as a LOVE STORY. What do you think – isn’t reading a love story infinitely more enjoyable than reading any stuffy old psychology book?

The story centers on Julie Shannon who you’ll meet and watch fall in and out of love and endure the trials and tribulations of love gone awry . . . And as she learns, YOU learn because you complete craftily designed learning modules that help you apply key learnings to your own situation.

Story is presented in three parts followed by summaries of lessons learned written into Julie’s diary and concluded by a section on ‘Do You remember?’ designed to help you apply information, strategies and techniques to your own circumstances. The three parts are:

  1. The Selection Process
  2. Six Dating Transitions
  3. Marital Harmonics

Selecting the “right partner” is your single most important challenge and decision. Your choice of whom to marry is more crucial than everything else combined that you will ever do to find a love you can develop into happy marriage!

Part I – The Selection Process

This section sets the foundation upon which Parts II and III are built. Julie and her best friend Megan agonize over lost love. Later Julie meets sassy Dr. Tracy Braun and discovers importance of the Selection Process in full detail and begins to understand why it starts with self love and branches forward. She then completes her Personal Profile and Selection Profile to identify her best match.

Next Six Dating Transitions are introduced. Transitions are the oil that move relationships along smoothly from phase to phase to reach marriage. It’s vital to complete each phase thoroughly before attempting transition into the next phase. Skipping any of the phases or completing one out of context is damaging. Ah, but Julie doesn’t understand importance of transitions yet and rushes ahead into a disastrous fling with Rick and learns a heart-breaking lesson on what romantic love definitely is NOT!

Following this are interactive modules in which, you the reader, complete your two profiles following examples given. Then you read summaries of the lessons learned Julie enters into her diary.

Topics covered in Part I:

  • Romantic Love is a Tri-fold Bond
  • Dr. Tracy Braun tells it like it is
  • Love is First an Inside Job
  • Love is a Mirror Image
  • Love is Mutual Appreciation
  • Love is a Reciprocal Process
  • Personal Profile
  • Selection Profile

At conclusion of Part I you will be able to answer the following questions

  • What is the tri-fold bond that defines romantic love?
  • How does each segment affect a relationship?
  • How does acceptance of aloneness cause love to grow?
  • What suffocates love?
  • What is the source of excitement in relationships?
  • What affect does completing differences have on a relationship? Explain.
  • How could mutual appreciation be shown in your relationship?
  • How does spirituality factor in – traditional and nontraditional?
  • What do we want most in a relationship? Why?
  • How do we reach out to become ‘visible’ to our partner?
  • How do we know when our partner ‘sees’ us? How is it demonstrated?

Part II – A Dating Transition IS

With Selection Profile in hand, Julie reenters the dating scene bent on approaching relationships in a new way trusting her Selection Profile. But old habits are hard to break and she again falls hard into another disastrous affair. Battered and bruised she returns to Dr. Braun to get further instruction on how to develop a successful relationship by transitioning through 1, 2, and 3 of the dating process. All goes well until she becomes confused with how to navigate through phase four.

This leads to a discussion on distinct emotional differences between sex and intimacy. Julie craves both. Dr. Braun now introduces her to techniques of sexual self-respect in the section on “How to Safeguard Your Heart.”Finally she meets Dave Marlin, but before plunging in, she learns how to assess the “inner” man by using “time” as her best ally. Even so, she has neglected something vital and Dave is hedging on commitment. Learn how she uses a time-based strategy to gain commitment and why it works most of the time. Also learn how you can transition your own relationship from phase one passion, to settled love for a lifetime.

Topics covered in Part II:

  • A Relationship is NOT a Purpose of the “PURSUIT.”
  • The Challenge
  • Safeguard Your Heart
  • Phil
  • Walter
  • Stu
  • Meagan and the Younger Man
  • Dave
  • Power of the Kiss
  • The Two-Year Leverage

In Part II we meet the men Julie dates after her breakup with Joe. Initially she refuses to trust her Selection Profile. Bad move. Let’s meet the guys and learn from her mistakes:

  • Jess – learn the outcome of desperation in her foolish dating choice
  • Rick – see her definition of “relationship” shattered by a reality check
  • Phil – watch her evaluate temporary rewards vs long-term commitment
  • Walter – experience her distress as she weighs the price of “settling”
  • Stu – feel her excitement in the arms of Stu Malone in her highly charged interracial relationship as she tries to tame a notorious womanizer
  • Dave – finally meet Dave Marlin with the twinkling teddy bear eyes. Dave is kind, sensitive, funny and ‘oh so sexy and he fits her SELECTION Profile perfectly, but WAIT…this time does she possess the necessary skills to challenge herself into his heart? Has she learned the importance of making critical advantageous decisions from her past mistakes? Learn about her strategy to gain commitment when Dave hedges.

At conclusion of Part II you’ll be able to answer the following questions:

  • Is sex the same as love? What is the difference?
  • What is intimacy? How do you know when you have reached it?
  • What are the advantages of abstaining from sex during early stages of a relationship allowing for control of what?
  • Upon what is a relationship based?
  • What is meant by “challenging yourself into a man’s heart”?
  • How is this challenge met? Why does this technique work?
  • What actions by Phil gave an early indication of what he wanted from a relationship?
  • Had Julie relied upon her Selection Profile, would she have dated Jess? Why not?
  • How can loneliness cause one to make unwise relationship decisions?
  • Is a bird in the hand always better than two in the bush? Explain.
  • With Stu, why did Julie ignore listening for intent?
  • Toward the end, how did Julie rebound using her Selection Profile to make the decision to end the relationship with Stu? What points did she consider?
  • With Dave, how was their relationship different from the others even in the beginning?
  • Why is it wise to pay attention to observations from close friends and family regarding your relationship?
  • Even after sex, how did Julie retain some mystery? Why is this important?
  • What happens in love when you assume?
  • What gain commitment strategy did Julie use and why did it work?
  • Based on Julie’s profile, is Dave a good match for her? Why or why not?

The interactive module – ‘Do You Remember’ follows. This is where you get involved. You begin to take a deep hard look at either past relationships or your current relationship to adjust, end or make it better. Whatever you decide you will have the ammunition you need – especially how to make your relationship better – how to enjoy warm affection, and comfort with the man you love… and that’s what you want isn’t it?

Part III – Marital Harmonics

Agape love in Action!Single women … Listen Carefully. At this point, you’ve caught him — but how do you KEEP him. … Now the real work begins: How do you, as a couple, keep your love alive? How do you make it thrive and grow through the years? This section keys in on the “MAGIC” of Agape love and explains what it is, how it works and why it works. Keep an open mind as you consider this information.

Julie and Dave are experiencing difficult times in marriage even though they are still in love and committed to each other. It’s because they do not understand clearly defined roles that make marriage work successfully. A co-worker, Guy Reid, introduces Dave to Marital Harmonics–an Org Chart for family living. However, this bold, principle-based role specific concept alienates him; besides, he knows Julie would never agree. Finally, desperate to save their marriage, Dave asks Julie to listen … And she blows up–outraged! In time, when nothing else works, Julie listens again with Dave by her side. This time all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Topics covered in Part III

  • Trouble in Paradise
  • Equal but Different
  • It’s a Matter of Attitude
  • The Decision
  • The Marriage Counselor
  • It’s all About Respect
  • Principled Love Triumphs

At conclusion of Part III you’ll be able to answer
these questions:

  • How are the roles of husband and wife designed to complement the family arrangement?
  • How does a husband gain cooperation from his wife?
  • How does a wife demonstrate cooperation?
  • Does supportive mean passive? Explain.
  • Explain the 4-step strategy to resolving problems
  • What is Marital Harmonic principles designed to do?
  • What is the principle to remember before lashing out in anger at your mate?
  • What principles show how to ‘keep putting up with one another’?
  • Why does principled love never fail?

Pretty Exciting stuff, huh! At last you’ve found a workbook that will give you the inside secrets to how love and romance develop and progress. With this information in hand, you will know how to handle each phase of a relationship from selection through dating into marriage. This will ensure that you know:

  • how to identify your best match upfront
  • what romantic love really IS
  • why friendship first is the foundation cornerstone of romance
  • how long it takes to development a relationship
  • why respecting human nature laws between men and woman spell success
  • how to gain commitment especially when your partner is holding back
  • how the synergy of romantic love coupled with principled love builds enduring bonds
  • when’s the best time for sexual intimacy
  • why principled (agape) love is the greatest love of all
  • what key principles direct happy family life
  • what the family org chart for unity is and why it works
  • how to practice principled love
  • how a husband can gain the respect and cooperation of his family
  • how a woman can win the love of her man for a lifetime

Janene, Ravenna, OH

Hi Donna, Thank you so much for your book. After a heartbreaking divorce I sought answers to avoid a second disaster. The answers in this workbook helped me define what a true relationship is an how it works for the good of both parties. I am now happily married due to accepting and applying the “role specifics” outlined in Marital Harmonies based on Agape Love.

Are you ready to grab the happiness you deserve?

Are you ready to enjoy the warmth and comfort that a loving husband, cuddly kids and proverbial faithful dog can bring to your life? This is all possible for you when you understand and apply the virtual goldmine of ready to use information presented in “Ready for Marriage Dating”.

Learn the ONE WORD that absolutely drives him “Over the Edge” in pursuit of you…

You need to know that both women and men have contacted me saying this workbook has given them a “new lease on life!” They’re no longer stumbling in the dark, making the same old dating mistakes over and over again because they now KNOW how relationships work best!