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A Full 2023 Guide On True And False Asian Girls Stereotypes

A Full 2023 Guide On True And False Asian Girls Stereotypes

The main problem with Asian women stereotypes is that they make lots of American men perceive Asian girls according to the stereotypical role models. Like, some men think that an average Asian girl is always passive, loves staying at home with children, and always cooks and cleans the house to make her husband happy—of course, the men who think this way will be quite surprised when they meet modern Korean or Japanese women. You’ve probably also heard that Chinese women are submissive and all that, but that’s 100% not true if we’re talking about modern girls from this country.

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These are only two of those false Asian women stereotypes— and here, we’ll talk about some other ones. But stereotypes are not always false—there are also some true ones, and we believe you need to know about them, too. That’s why on this page, you will find the list of the most common things American men think of Asian girls—both false and true stereotypes are covered.

Asian women stereotypes: All you need to know

First, not all Asian women stereotypes are 100% wrong. As we’ve said, some of them are true—like the ones about their hardworkingness, for example. Here, we will talk about both false and true ones—but you should not forget that it’s always about generalizations when it comes to talking about more than 2 BILLIONS of women. Yes, all our generalizations are close to the truth, but it’s impossible to say that any Asian girl is like this or like that. With this in mind, let’s continue.

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False Asian women stereotypes

  • “Gold-digging”. It’s probably rooted in all those romance scams on some poor-quality dating platforms, but once you start using good Asian dating sites, you don’t need to worry about it. The absolute majority of Asian women who use dating services are not looking for a walking ATM. Most of them want to find a decent man to spend time (or life) with. Dating an Asian woman will probably cost you quite a lot, but it has nothing to do with gold-digging, of course—it’s all about expensive Asian countries.
  • “Submissive”. That’s probably the most popular Asian stereotype, and it’s not true. Well, it’s probably partially true because there are still some very traditional and patriarchal countries where women are passive and very shy. However, that’s definitely not the case when it comes to such countries as Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, etc.
  • “Only interested in Asian men”. Again, it can be a partially true stereotype because we have to assume that there are some Asian women with strong prejudices against foreigners (usually, the poorer the country, the more possible it is to meet such a family). At the same time, most modern Asian girls are very open-minded and see nothing wrong with dating a foreign guy. What’s more, many of them think that Americans are more attractive than Asian guys!
  • “Easy”. No, just no. Because of their cultural background, many Asian women don’t even think that kissing on the first 2-3 women is socially acceptable, so what ease are we talking about here?
Asian women stereotypes
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True Asian girls stereotypes

  • Hard-working. This is very close to the truth—Asian women are really hard-working, have a good work ethic, and know how to reach career goals.
  • Beautiful. Well, yes. Asian girls are extremely attractive, whether it’s the girls from East Asia or from Southeast Asian countries. They are naturally beautiful, they know everything about makeup and diets, and they age more slowly than American women.
  • Make good wives. Oh, it’s probably the most subjective thing here, but yes, generally, Asian women are caring and supportive, they are usually loyal to their husbands, and most of them were raised with an understanding that their future partners must always be happy and satisfied.
  • Proud of their culture. Unlike the previous point, this stereotype is almost 100% true. Asian women, no matter what country they’re from, are typically very proud of their history, heritage, and culture.

There are lots of Asian girls stereotypes and there are lots of false ones—and when we say “false” we mean that this stereotype can’t be applied to the majority of Asian girls. But it’s impossible to say that ALL Asian women are like this, like that, or like so. Each Asian lady is unique, each Asian lady has her own character traits, and each Asian lady you’ll find on dating sites has her own reasons to date an American man. Please, don’t forget about it and don’t try to generalize when talking about the girls from Asia.

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