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How To Date Thai Women: A Guide To Thai Girl Dating

How To Date Thai Women: A Guide To Thai Girl Dating

Thailand’s women are gorgeous beyond belief, kind, and loyal. In other words, they make perfect girlfriends and even life partners. And now that the internet has given us an opportunity to find foreign women, dating Thailand ladies need no longer be your dream. Here is how to date Thai girls and what to know about dating in this country.

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5 things to know about Thai girl dating

You may have dreamed about dating a Thai girl for ages, but you are probably still a relative stranger to Thai dating culture. It’s very similar to Western dating culture in some ways and unique in others. Here are the most important things to know about it.

  1. Thai women can be surprisingly fluent in English. Although English has no official status in Thailand it’s the most popular foreign language there and is widely taught at schools and universities.
  2. A Thai girl will never approach a man first. If you expect a Thai lady to ask you out or even approach you at a bar, you can be left waiting for a long time. However, they can get more active with Thai online dating.
  3. Thai women don’t understand casual dating. Unlike the women in the West, a Thai lady will only enter a romantic relationship when she clearly understands it has a future. Otherwise, she doesn’t want to waste her time.
  4. Your material status doesn’t matter, but your ambition does. To a potential Thai girlfriend, it doesn’t matter a great deal how much money you have at the moment. What is most important is what you plan to do with your life.
  5. A Thai lady needs to know how you feel about her. If you want to give your relationship a perfect start, make sure to talk about your feelings even before you go on your first date.
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How to date Thai women: 10 helpful tips

Thai girl dating is not rocket science, but you obviously want things to be perfect. Here are 10 tips for dating Thai women that will help you build the greatest relationship you’ve ever had.

1. There is no shame in trying again

In many cases, a Thai woman may tell you on the first time you ask her out. However, she may actually want you to ask again and try harder, so there is definitely a strong reason to ask her out one more time.

2. Your first date can have more than two people

When you arrive at your first date with a Thai girl, you may see that she brought a female friend. This is not because she misunderstood the nature of your meeting. She’s simply doing it for safety and to let her friend get an opinion about you.

3. Don’t just try the same idea over and over

Thai ladies are not hard to please, and if you get a date idea right the first time, you may be tempted to do the same thing over and over. However, variety is the spice of life, and your relationship will only benefit from you getting more daring and creative.

4. Adjust your communication and sense of humor

Even though your Thai girl will likely know English well enough, some phrases and idioms used in the West may not be particularly understandable for her. Moreover, the sense of humor of Thai women is much more pure and straightforward than you’re probably used to.

5. Don’t try to be a dramatic version of yourself

It’s perfectly normal to try and seem more attractive as a romantic partner, but you should never go overboard with it. Lying about your accomplishments, past family life, social skills, career, and other important parameters will only backfire in the long run.

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6. Keep from PDA

PDA is something that doesn’t attract too much attention in the West, but it’s not something you will often see in Asian countries, including Thailand. Your attempts to engage in PDA will only embarrass your girlfriend and possibly cause a rift in your relationship.

7. Take care of your date in small ways

Thai girls are perfectly self-sufficient and modern, but they also enjoy it when their partners demonstrate their caring side. For example, you can bring her soup when she has a cold or still get her a dessert even when she’s said she doesn’t want one because you know she actually does.

8. Make a great impression on her family

Family is as significant to Thai women as their romantic relationships, and they will never seriously date or marry someone their family doesn’t approve of. For your meeting with the parents, put on your nicest attire and be charming, honest, and highly respectful.

9. Talk about the future, but don’t put any pressure on her

Knowing that your relationship has a future is essential for a Thai woman, and there is no time too early to talk about the outcome of your romance. However, you also shouldn’t force your idea of the future on her. Let her make her own decisions instead.

10. Discuss everything instead of making assumptions

Honest communication is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and dating a Thai woman is no exception. Sure, it can be tempting to think that you already know the answer because you’ve been together for a long time, but the reality can turn out to be completely different from what you’ve imagined. So, talking openly is super important for the success of your relationship.

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5 biggest “don’t” of dating Thailand ladies

Now that you know how to date a Thai woman, let’s also find out what should be avoided in this relationship.

  1. Don’t ask her out if you’re not sure about your feelings. Thai women are quick to fall in love, and the potential heartbreak gets worse as the relationship progresses.
  2. Don’t expect her to pay on the date. Thai ladies will never choose the most expensive restaurant for a date, but they are also not going to pay for it.
  3. Don’t end the date before you make sure she gets home safely. After the date, you need to either walk her home, drive her, or go home with her in a taxi.
  4. Don’t try to always do things your own way. A little flexibility and an ability to compromise can go a long way when dating Thai women.
  5. Don’t think that money gets you everything. Many Western men make the same mistake: they think that money and a foreign status will get them a special treatment in Thailand, when in reality, it does not.

5 reasons to date Thai women

We can talk for ages about how to date a Thai girl, but before you can actually experience it all, you need to know why you’re doing it at all. In other words, why do so many guys dream about a Thailand woman as their girlfriend? These are the top 5 reasons why the decision to date a Thai woman may turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made.

  • You can feel like a gentleman. Chivalry may be nearly dead in the Western part of the world, but it’s alive and well in Thailand. In fact, all Thai women want to specifically date chivalrous men.
  • You won’t need to try too hard to impress her. A Thai girl does not need expensive gifts or big gestures to fall in love with you. A personal connection and passion are much more important.
  • You will always be her top priority. There will never be a situation where you require your girlfriend’s attention, and she’s too busy doing other things. Thai women always put their romantic partners first.
  • There won’t be any ugly arguments. Thai dating is as non-confrontational and respectful as can be. Even when there is a disagreement, your girlfriend will prefer to resolve it in a calm, civil way.
  • You will be welcomed into her family. Thai girls don’t exist separately from their families. When they meet someone they like, they make sure to make that person a part of their family long before there is marriage on the horizon.

Frequently asked questions

Why do Thailand women want to date foreigners?

This trend is a combination of two major things: the attraction Thai ladies have for the appearance and personality of Western men, and their sincere belief that Western guys are better suited for serious relationships and marriage than local men.

Can I date a Thai woman as a tourist in Thailand?

As a tourist in Thailand, you will undoubtedly meet some fabulous women and may even score a date or two. However, you should know that local girls will likely only see you as a temporary fling — they find it hard to view foreign tourists as potential long-term partners.

How to make sure I’m not scammed by Thai online dating?

The best thing you can do to avoid it is to choose your dating site especially carefully. Pay attention to the reputation, quality of the audience, and security features. You should also watch out for online dating red flags, such as women constantly asking you for money.

How long can it take to find a Thai girlfriend online?

It all depends on how actively you are searching for a Thai woman, how many websites you are using, and how many girls you are communicating with at the same time. It can take you up to 6 months to find a serious partner, but it takes even less for some men.

Do such online relationships continue?

They certainly do! In fact, thousands of men every year marry Thai women they’ve met online. And while that is obviously not a given, as long as you are serious about your online dating experience and know exactly what you want to achieve, a long-lasting relationship is totally possible.

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