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Why Are Chinese Women Looking For White Men? Revealing Secrets

Why Are Chinese Women Looking For White Men? Revealing Secrets

Chinese women looking for men online often choose the Western destination. There is even a concept of “white fever,” which means more and more ladies from Asia want to marry American guys. They create profiles on dedicated platforms and chat with Western guys in the hope of finding a partner to share life with. They are aware of American dating culture and try to emulate it with locals. However, local men often don’t live up to the expectations of beautiful Chinese girls, especially in recent years. These ladies start to live based on modern standards, and Chinese men don’t support such changes. Keep reading to learn which personality traits attract Chinese women seeking Western men, and why these gorgeous women are looking for them.

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What do Chinese women think about Western men?

Although each point of view is subjective, most Chinese women like white men from Western countries. They consider them successful, ambitious, and family-oriented. When you ask a Chinese girl to describe a perfect partner, she would probably define American men’s features and personal traits. 

More and more ladies from China strive to create international families with guys from abroad. Even though these girls are rather patriotic, they are ready to change their place of residence and move to another country with their husbands. However, there are many examples of international families of Chinese women American man who prefer to stay in China. The way your life will change after marrying a Chinese girl depends only on your and your partner’s intentions. 

What personality traits do Chinese women like in Western men?

In Chinese women’s eyes, Western men are usually tall, good-looking, and athletic. They like the fact that men from Western countries often attend gyms and pay attention to their appearance. These girls like the clothing and style of these men. 

Supposedly to Chinese singles, American men are romantic, sensible, and excellent in bed. They like that these men are more open-hearted than locals and have a splendid sense of humor. Politeness, confidence, and independence are just a glimpse of personality traits these ladies see in Western men.

Since American guys attract great attention to their own rights and respect the opinions of others, Chinese ladies consider them more respectful than local men. These men value gender equality and are engaged in numerous activities, which attracts Chinese singles even more. 

Being strong and sensitive, Chinese ladies are looking for the same type of men. Here are the top personality traits of Western men that attract these stunning Asian beauties. Carefully study the entire list to understand whether you fulfill the expectations of Chinese women.

Purposefulness and persistence

A perfect man for a Chinese woman should know what he wants and strive for it. But persistence should not turn into fanaticism and aggression leading to violence. It is about healthy passion in achieving the intended goal. Also, women from China believe that although Western men are persistent at work, they are sensitive when it comes to their families.


Chinese women like men who behave confidently, with slight arrogance and impudence. Nevertheless, it is essential not to overdo it with confidence. There should be a sense of balance. You should not start to be rude or show that you are better than your partner. The combination of reasonable self-confidence and a sense of humor turns Chinese women on.

Indifference and challenge

The more beautiful a woman is, the more attention she expects from men. Chinese women seeking men on dating websites have an endless stream of cute guys hungry for her sympathy. By showing your interest in a particular lady, you automatically fall into this herd of admirers. If you unusually draw her attention and show your indifference, you will be on the right way to win her heart.


This personality trait can be both innate and acquired. If we take the generally accepted meaning, then the charm is the ability to make an attractive, bewitching impression with your appearance, manners, judgments, etc. Ladies from China are on the lookout for gentlemen who will be focused on relationships and give love. They consider the internal charm of western men rather beneficial.


Romantic men know how to emotionally fill even ordinary things. Their strong point is touching and charming stories, poetic comments, beautiful words, and deeds. Such men consider their soulmate a princess rather than just a cook and mother of his future three children. Chinese women and American men can create perfect couples since these exotic ladies are waiting for romantic adventures and American guys can turn their dreams into reality.  

Chinese Girl

Understanding body language

Pretty Chinese singles speak much more about their desires with the help of gestures than words. They constantly send non-verbal signals. It is essential for a man to capture and correctly interpret these signs. Sometimes, it is enough to only take your spouse’s hand to show your intentions and feelings.

Support for equal gender roles in relationships

Although Chinese women allow men to dominate them, more and more ladies strive for equality in relationships. They want to equally share responsibilities and solve all issues together. That is another reason these ladies are looking for husbands outside their country. Western men have a rich array of advantages in Chinese women’s eyes, but support for equal gender roles is the most significant one.

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Why do Chinese women love white men rather than locals?

Chinese culture assumes that a woman should take care of her man, cook, and be an excellent housekeeper. However, many Chinese ladies started imitating Western culture and values, so they consider this gender role shameful and abusive.

Another reason for a strong Chinese girl white guy connection is that Western men are more masculine compared to locals. Unfortunately, Chinese guys don’t pay much attention to their appearance and the way they dress. Not many local guys visit a gym. Moreover, only middle or upper-class men can afford to attend sports sections. 

An exotic aspect is also important. Dating and getting married to a Western man is rather prestigious in China. Suffice it to say, many Chinese women looking for western men want to see the world and derive new opportunities. Having a reliable man by their side is a status symbol for many Asian ladies, and Chinese girls are no exception. 

The ability to provide for a family is also an essential factor that makes Chinese girls prefer Western men. Although local guys work hard to provide for their families, their monthly income is much less compared to men from Western countries. If an American man works as an English teacher in China, he will earn more money than local university graduates. It goes without saying that every woman wants her family to be healthy and wealthy. 

Finally, in China, every couple is affected by a hegemonic social structure that defines international marriage. A typical village girl doesn’t have many chances to marry a successful local man from a well-off family. If such a family doesn’t consider a certain woman a prestigious match for a well-educated and rich groom, there is no way this couple will create a union. In case this typical village girl wins the heart of a Western man, she will have higher chances for a better future. 

Chinese women and white men: Top stereotypes to know

There are numerous stereotypes and rumors that come along with the topic of Chinese women and white men. Even though it would be wrong to generalize all Chinese women, some stereotypes take a place to be. 

  • Hypersexualization. Many American men consider Chinese women to be too focused on intimacy. The currently persisting stereotypes are a direct result of movies or American media. Some media characterize Chinese ladies as being temptations for white men. However, the reality is absolutely different. Ladies from China are rather conservative and usually open their hearts and souls only for men they fall in love with. 
  • Obedience. Compared to American females, girls from China are more submissive to their men. They usually don’t ask too many critical questions to their husbands and look for compromises in every situation. This stereotype is absolutely true, though, nowadays, more girls have a feminist outlook and strive for equality in relationships. Nevertheless, a Chinese wife is always a winning option for an American guy. 
  • Money hunting. This is another stereotype that appeared in the media sources. Many foreign men consider that Chinese women love white men for their financial abilities. No doubt, an American man can give a Chinese woman more financial support than a local guy. However, not all women in China strive to profit from marriage with a foreigner. Most Chinese girls are all about experiencing deep emotions and romantic adventures with handsome, confident, and affectionate men from Western countries. 

Chinese women and American men: Happy relationships of famous couples 

History knows many examples of happy Chinese women and American men’s love stories. Moreover, many of them are famous people who prove that international relationships can be happy and long-lasting. If you are looking for a Chinese woman for marriage but hesitate to take the first step for your search, get inspired by these celeb couples that managed to build strong cross-cultural relationships. 

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan

This is probably the most well-known American-Chinese family. The founder of Facebook started to date his future wife in his teens. The daughter of Chinese immigrants was a fellow student of a future social media king. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan met at the student’s party during their study at Harvard. 

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan

After several years of dating, a couple began to live in Palo Alto. Zuckerberg rented a house for them. They both visited the native country of Priscilla Chan in 2010. Mark Zuckerberg took a deep dive into the culture and values of his spouse. Two years later, they got married. 

Nowadays, they raise their children and support each other in every aspect of their life. This couple shows that cultural differences can make people even closer if both work on their relationships. 

James Gandolfini & Deborah Lin

James Gandolfini and Deborah Lin showed that creative people might create a strong connection. This couple had a successful marriage from 2008 until James Gandolfini died in 2013. Deborah Lin, a Chinese-American woman,  became recognizable when she became a partner of a well-known Hollywood actor.

James Gandolfini & Deborah Lin

James Gandolfini and Deborah Lin started their relationship in 2006, and after two years of a passionate romantic adventure, they decided to get married. As they told the People Magazine, the cornerstone to their happy family is mutual support and understanding of each other’s values. Four years later after the wedding, James Gandolfini and Deborah Lin became patents of a beautiful daughter. 

Vivi Nevo & Zhang Ziyi 

Although this couple doesn’t have a happy end, they show the example of passionate interracial relationships. A businessman and actress were engaged for 2 years. Paparazzi caught numerous piquant moments with these two. Their relationships lasted 4 years, but they were full of affection and love. 

Vivi Nevo & Zhang Ziyi 

Final word 

There are numerous Chinese women looking for white men on dedicated dating sites (to know more read our article about Asian Brides Cost). It becomes a frequent phenomenon when a woman from China wants to create close bonds with a white man. When you browse the catalog of Chinese ladies for marriage online, you can be sure that all of them have serious intentions about tying knots with a foreigner and moving to his country. They are all about building a new life full of love and mutual understanding.

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